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What to do for an upcoming storm

Have you seen what happen during a storm and after a storm? If you have not experience one maybe you have seen it in the news. After a storm is not a good thing to see. Storm cannot be stop but we can prevent or lessen the effect of the storm to us and to our love ones.

Weather forecast can surely help us to know if there are upcoming storm or any weather disturbances happening in our area or other part of the country. If in case that there is an upcoming storm ahead we need to be prepared for it. The earlier the storm is detected by the weather man or weather bureau the more the people can prepare and prevent great damage to them especially in their homes and losing someone during the storm.

If you are one of the people or families that will be affected by a storm always make sure your house is ready for the impact of the storm and your surroundings are hazard free. Expect strong winds during this time so make sure to secure the necessary things, equipment or any materials that can be easily be blown and cut branches of trees that you think can cause damage.

Prepare your emergency kit that can help you at least sustain for three days or more like food, water, medication, portable radio, mobile phone incase, flash light and other things you think are essentials. You would never know what happen especially during rescue time.

Always tune in to weather news and forecast for updates to be prepared and ready. As you know weather is very unpredictable.