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Have you heard of someone who got unconscious due to heat? As you can see heat stroke is very dangerous. If you every encounter a person that is experiencing heat stroke medical assistance is needed as soon as possible.

Heat stroke is due to the high temperature or hot weather that a body is experiencing and makes it dehydrated that it cannot cool of the body itself, in short exposure to heat. Anyone can experience this but always remember to be alert and always know the basic or need to do while waiting for the arrival of medical assistance.

To be able to know if one is experiencing heat stroke the signs and symptoms are light-headed and dizziness, headache, no sweating despite the heat, cramps, red, hot, and dry skin, nausea and vomiting, breathing is rapid or shallow, rapid heartbeat, unstable behavior like disorientation, confusion or staggering and seizures Preventing heat stroke can be done like drinking a lot of fluids but avoid those that are extremely cold ones because it can cause stomach cramps. Minimize heavy physical activity and exercise during hot weather if unable to avoid outdoor activity as much possible schedule it during the cooler time of the day. Always stay cool and make sure the air is circulating. Make sure to eat regularly. Wear clothes that are lightweight. Make sure to take a cool bath or shower.

Always remember prevention is much better that cure. So if you are going outdoor make sure you are fit and have the proper attire and use hats or umbrella.